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<h1> Luc Despres </h1>
Image of Luc Despres

After falling in love with welding at a early age , Luc Despres knew that he was destined to work with metal.  Despres is self taught some of the earlier work consists of collaboration projects with students to create large scale high school mascots in aluminium.

In the early 2000 my work took a turn for a more victorian gothic look and feel.  Some of the pieces were featured in gothic beauty magazine. most of that work is placed through out my property which has become a outdoor art gallery in progress installed as in a park like setting.

Luc decided to become a full time artist in December of 2016, Current artwork consists of various styles, from upcycled garden tools cut and sculpted to become very organic pieces of art.

Private Commission pieces make for most of our work as customers seek unique and personalized art to suit their decor, landscape and lifestyle. Some of the larger commissions are for private collectors as well as commercial buildings.

Our projects range from  home and outdoor decor , designing armour, wearable art to large commercial pieces.

What remains consistent is the passion we have for art , our attention to detail and the precision in which its executed.